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Xpedeus Medical Case Study

The Situation

Dr. Gregory Henderson founded the  Brandon Cataract Center and Eye Clinic and it grew into the Bay Area’s premier eye care center with five offices strategically located around Hillsborough County.

The Challenge

With this expansion came the all too familiar communication growing pains. The practice had staff travelling between multiple locations to see patients and there was a growing operational  need to be connected.

The Solution

After a very careful selection process, Xpedeus was chosen to provide the necessary service to the locations. The Integrated Cloud Exchange provided the features that were required at the necessary price.

High Bandwidth, Secure WiFi for HIPAA Compliant Mobility

Advanced IaaS Model Unhindered by Aging Technology

An Advanced Solution for a Dynamic Practice


Increased Capacity


Increased Efficiency


FTE Reduction

Dollars Saved per Year

Just a Few of the Benefits

HIPAA Compliant Mobility Everywhere

From WiFi on a fiber optic backbone to seamless integration with all smart mobile devices, the practice is now free to roam the planet.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

All the core infrastructure needed to deploy an advanced 21st century communications solution was included – with no CAPEX.

Extensive Savings and Better Service

It is always good to lower monthly bills but lowering the total FTE costs of call processing personnel by 20% is even better!

  • Call Capacity Increase (Actually, it’s 300%) 100% 100%
  • First Call Resolution Improvement 90% 90%
  • Savings on Long Distance Call Rates 85% 85%
  • Call Center FTE Reduction Rate 20% 20%

The Results Were Off the Charts

“Xpedeus allowed us to meet our objective of connecting the multiple practice locations,” says Chris Hill, “but without the high costs normally associated with networking. The amount of calls we handle now with our call center is phenomenal.”