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Xpedeus Law Firm Case Study

The Situation

The law firm was founded in 2012 when two attorneys decided to merge their successful individual firms. With over 30 years of combined legal experience, they knew their clients were best served together.

The Challenge

With staff working in the offices, on the road and at home, they needed flexibility in their communication system. Analog lines and SIP trunks from the local telco and cable companies were simply not up to the task.

The Solution

After researching all the options, they chose Xpedeus because of the features, capacity and the low cost No-CAPEX option. They were impressed with how easy it was to set up and how richly featured the new system is.



Increased Efficiency


Monthly Savings

Day Turnaround

Lasting Relationship

Just a Few of the Benefits

Mobility for the Entire Firm

From WiFi on a fiber optic backbone to seamless integration with all smart mobile devices, the entire firm is now free to roam the planet.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

All the core infrastructure needed to deploy an advanced 21st century communications solution was included – with no CAPEX.

Extensive Savings and Lowest TCO

It is always great to lower monthly bills by 38% but avoiding over $5K of equipment cost is beyond excellent!

  • Staff Efficiency Increase 70% 70%
  • First Call Resolution Improvement 90% 90%
  • Client Connection Rate Increase 80% 80%
  • Lost Call Reduction 99% 99%

The Results Were Outstanding

“We were able to get everything we needed with Xpedeus,” says Mike Amico, “like reducing expenses, improving staff productivity and developing a long-term savings for our firm. The results were outstanding so we just renewed with them for another term with lower rates as promised.”