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Simple. Powerful. Productive. Xpedeus delivers unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one solution that’s easy to set up and manage.

Cloud Nine Voice Service

With cloud communications, if it is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem. Xpedeus has developed the industry’s most comprehensive hosted voice solution to provide enterprise grade capabilities that will fit any small business budget.


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Finally, Florida, you can have it all! With fully hosted Business VoIP & Cloud Services from Xpedeus, your business can get the feature-rich phone system it deserves along with our 99.999% up time guarantee & leading local support team.

Cloud 9 Combo

Simple. Powerful. Productive.

The Xpedeus Integrated Cloud Exchange was created as an enterprise grade voice solution.


Designed with you in mind, our locally based hosted voice service provides a unique remedy to your current business phone system problems.

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Responsive, helpful, reliable. That has been our experience with the professionals of Xpedeus. It is a pleasure working with them and their support makes it possible for us to achieve our mission in the community.

Jennifer Johnston

Director, Alpha House of Tampa

When our old phone system started to die on us, we needed an entire technology refresh fast! Xpedeus replaced the equipment in a very short time frame while keeping us in business. That’s what I call disaster avoidance. They are the best!

Dale West

CFO, BHC True Value Hardware

Managing the IT department for an organization with three locations and a call center is challenging. Moving them to a new headquarters threatened to be overwhelming. Xpedeus proposed a superior solution that was deployed on time and under budget. They handled all the details of the move and we didn’t experience any down time in the process. Working with Xpedeus is great.

Patti McAvoy

IT Administrator, Early Learning Coalition

I have been the owner or board member of several firms in the Lakeland area over the years (Lakeland Auto Mall, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Southeastern University to name a few) and have taken advantage of many of the services Xpedeus has to offer as an excellent MSP and ITSP. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs to function properly in the 21st century’s business environment.

Bill Mutz

Board of Trustees, Southeastern University

Free Circuit Monitoring and Management

September 22, 2017
Free Circuit Monitoring and Management

Xpedeus announces a complete UCaaS management platform that helps its customers understand their communications ecosystem and optimize its performance to deliver on the promise of Unified Communications. The modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage network technologies as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration. With this service, Xpedeus has increased its ability to quickly identify network issues and provide complete pictures of networks strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

ICE Fusion Announced

February 14, 2017
ICE Fusion Announced

Xpedeus has developed an advanced dual WAN mesh router that will aggregate internet connections and provide an “unbreakable” service via it’s hosted ICE Fusion server. This will provide you with 99.999% up-time reliability and your voice service will not be interrupted during a failure of your primary connection. This is for mission critical services such as voice and financial processing but additional services can be included.

Hosted Voice Nirvana

January 2, 2017
Hosted Voice Nirvana

Xpedeus officially launches it’s new Cloud 9 Voice product and SMBs everywhere should rejoice! In today’s always on network environment, if something is not a part of the solution, it is part of the problem. That’s why we’ve developed the industry’s most comprehensive hosted voice solution that provides enterprise grade capabilities while fitting any small business budget.

ICE Wall Appliance Announced

July 15, 2016
ICE Wall Appliance Announced

The ICE Wall edge appliance was announced. In its two form factors, it will offer our clients advanced features such as complex network traffic management, fail-over, diagnostics, security and content filtering into a simple, powerful platform at line throughput speeds.  

New CRM Platform Deployed

May 9, 2016
New CRM Platform Deployed

Xpedeus went live with its new, totally integrated CRM platform today. It offers a 360 degree view of the company’s operations as well as a state of the art customer support experience. The new platform replaces three other software packages and is rapidly increasing efficiency and satisfaction.

ICE 2.0 is Here!

March 28, 2016
ICE 2.0 is Here!

We released the next version of our advanced cloud based voice services platform with vastly improved network topology as well as an expanded feature set. Our team of industry leading engineers never stop working to improve our platform and its offerings. Expect more advances in the near future.

Xpedeus Presents at ITEXPO

January 28, 2016
Xpedeus Presents at ITEXPO

Daniel Williams, CEO of Xpedeus, was selected to speak at ITEXPO in Anahiem, CA. ITEXPO is the premier venue of modern communication technology providers and it’s parent company, TMC, recognizes the leading role Xpedeus has taken in the market evolution. Mr. Williams was asked to speak on the topic “How to Become a Highly Profitable Hosted Voice Provider”. The session was well attended and received many positive reviews. Xpedeus was very pleased to be a contributing member of ITEXPO.

RTC Alliance Annual Meeting

September 15, 2015
RTC Alliance Annual Meeting

The Real Time Communications Alliance (RTCA) held its bi-annual meeting September 15th -17th 2015 and Xpedeus was present as one of the founding members. David Littrell, Vice President of Xpedeus, directed the meeting as President of the RTCA. Many topics were discussed and important information was exchanged that highlighted the objective of the group to be “THE How To” alliance of hosted voice communications.

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