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Multi Line Office Phone Systems Florida

Professional Services

The Reliability, Flexibility, And Mobility that Professional Services Require

Xpedeus offers solutions to the unique challenges faced by professionals

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Multi Line Office Phone Systems Florida

Advanced Cloud Based Voice Service for Professional Services

Cloud 9 provides professionals with features designed to seamlessly connect clients and gives you the ability to work anywhere without compromising a professional image. It also ensures down-to-the-minute call tracking so you can have confidence in the precision of your billable time. It also provides:


  • High grade security and encryption in order to comply with privacy guidelines
  • Standard features that simplify the day-to-day office and field operations
  • Intelligent call centers make it easier to operate and manage heavy call volumes
  • Call monitoring and recording are excellent training and administration tools
  • Play music or promotional messages to callers that are on hold or in queue
  • Mobility capabilities keep your team seamlessly connected in the office, at the customer’s location or even during off hours

Data Encryption & Secure Client Communications

You care about compliance in your communications. We can help.

  • Encryption across all communication channels

  • Firm-wide automatic call recording

  • Secure e-fax with document accessibility anywhere

Communication Features Designed for your Professional Office

A complete end-to-end phone system capable of managing, tracking, and recording all your calls.

  • Auto Routing / Queues

  • Find Me / Follow Me

  • Cutom Messages

  • Call Recording

  • Auto Attendants

  • Call Detail Reports

  • Internet Fax Service

  • Conference Bridges

How a Our Hosted Voice Solution Benefits your Company


Immediate communications are critical when a single wrong digit can cause millions in damages. We guarantee 99.999% reliability.



Professionals need to be able to communicate however the situation demands. Xpedeus gives you that level of flexibility.


A huge amount of what the professional services industry does is done on the road. Xpedeus makes it all seamless.

When we were expanding, we switched to Xpedeus from [another national hosted voice provider]. Both locations are now networked as one and the cost is even less than it was before the migration. The remote phones work great. That’s been one of the many positives. The Xpedeus team takes care of everything (installation, programming, training, etc.) and it just works. What a difference from [the other vendor].

Jorge Valiente

President, Bella Hermida Valiente, PA

Make a Positive Impact on Your Professional Service

We get it. Your firm needs to have a phone system that’s reliable, compliant, and showcases your firm with the utmost professionalism. Ours does.

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  • UPTIME 99.999%

Xpedeus Cloud 9 service is a powerful tool that handles your needs.

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