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Xpedeus Powers Retailers Of All Sizes, From Single Stores To Regional Chains
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Cloud 9 Makes Retail Stores More Profitable

The retail industry can be extremely complex, so it is important that a communications system does not make operations any more difficult. Xpedeus offers numerous advanced features and services that improve the operations of retail stores which, coincidentally, makes the bottom line more profitable. Cloud 9 provides:


  • Seamless connectivity of all stores, warehouses, offices and remote staff
  • Pooling of network resources and lines that dramatically reduces costs
  • Simple automated attendants that route callers intelligently to the right destination
  • Mobility capabilities keep your team seamlessly connected on or off the floor
  • Incredible funnctionaity with built in conferencing, public address and mobility
  • Complete redundancy with built in disaster avoidance

Explore How Xpedeus Can Improve
Your Retail Operation

Ensure excellent efficiency and 99.999% reliability for all communications.

  • Optional two way quality of service on all calls

  • Unified Communications for managers

  • Seamless mobility solution for all locations

  • Lower your total costs of operation with no CAPEX

Simple but Powerful Features for the Retail Industry

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to craft the best voice communication system possible.

  • Seamless Network

  • Dynamic Mobility

  • Disaster Avoidance

  • Resource Pooling

  • Auto Attendants

  • Call Detail Reports

  • Internet Fax Service

  • Conference Bridges

How a Cloud 9 Solution Benefits Retail Operations


Complexity is an enemy of profitable retail operations. That’s why Xpedeus has made the use of its features so simple to use.

Easy Scalability

Adding phones is as simple as plugging them in. Cloud 9 can scale easily up to thousands of users on a single virtual cluster.


Xpedeus delivers over a hundred advanced features for the lowest total cost of ownership and no capital expense compared to legacy systems.

When our old phone system started to die on us, we needed an entire technology refresh fast! Xpedeus replaced the equipment in a very short time frame while keeping us in business. That’s what I call disaster avoidance. They are the best!

Dale West

CFO, BHC True Value

Increase the Profitability of Your Retail Operation

Xpedeus provides advanced features and services that improve the operations of retail stores. Our Cloud 9 service makes it so no caller will ever hear a busy signal and employees on the sales floor never have to miss a call. Let us help you experience these benefits.

  • SYSTEM UPTIME 99.999%

Xpedeus Cloud 9 service is a powerful tool for your retail operation.

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